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Robert Cooper

Robert Cooper

Robert Cooper has been in real estate just four years, but his repeat and referral rate is already a phenomenal 80 percent. How does he do it? “The biggest thing,” he says, “ is making sure I stay on top of everyone’s mind!”

Robert does a lot to keep himself out there, including advertising in the free weekly that goes to three counties surrounding Fredericksburg. “People see my real estate logo and then they remember me when they want to buy or sell,” he says. He’s also active on social media—never with a sales pitch, but with information about how he’s accomplishing what clients want. He grew up in the area, so most of his clients are people he already knows. He has a huge sphere of influence.

Staying in front of people is one thing, but another, perhaps even more important, is that Robert treats people right. “Everybody’s situation is different,” he says. “You have to tailor what you do to that individual person, rather than putting them in a box.”

While he never “puts people in a box,” he does help them with boxes. He recently took the unusual step of buying a full-size commercial box truck (and insurance policy) that he loans to clients at no charge to save them the expense of a moving truck. He’s planning to wrap the truck with his personal advertisement very soon. “I’m never one to shy away from spending money, if it makes the process easier,” he says, “or do something unique from a marketing perspective. That’s part of the fun.”

Robert has always had a preference for people-oriented work, starting out as a sales consultant at CarMax. Then he did home inspection work, but his interest in real estate overshadowed it. He wanted to have his own business and invest in property.

As a home inspector he had spent time with real estate agents and was familiar with the industry. He took a class online, got his license and went from there! Now Robert serves the Fredericksburg area and surrounding counties of Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George and Caroline. He has a full-time assistant and a few referral partners to whom he gives leads.

Today much of Robert’s business is listings. Since everything on the MLS goes to all the websites, he focuses on content. From professional and drone photography to videography, he makes certain each listing is high concept and well presented. For example, he did one full-production video showcasing a riverfront listing using stage actors to illustrate the property’s possibilities. “I told the local videographer what my vision was,” he says. “I had seen high-end videos in Los Angeles and New York and I wanted to see what would happen. I like to stay on the cutting edge.”

As much as he enjoys the creativity of marketing, his favorite part of the business is helping people find a home. “It’s a fun, happy experience at the end,” he says, “especially if the buyer is someone I know.”

Whether he’s volunteering at his local church or helping a local charity, Robert enjoys being of service. Since he works hard, in his spare time he likes to fish, camp or go to the beach.

Robert is very satisfied with his real estate progress and plans to continue facilitating his transactions with the same high-quality level of service, while gradually expanding the number of referrals he gives other agents. The old adage “If you light a lantern for another, it will brighten your own way” describes Robert Cooper to a T.

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